The 5 Most Annoying Personalities in Cinemas

We love watching movies, and we know you do too! But don’t you just find it annoying when a person (or worse, a group of persons) act foolishly and ruins your movie experience? We’ve been there, and it sucks bigtime! In this article, we list down the 5 most annoying personalities we encountered in cinemas!

5. The Couplers

Let’s start this list with the “Couplers”. No, we’re not talking about “that mechanical thing that connects two things”. We’re referring to the couples who kiss, hug, and do whatever they like with each other as if they are the only ones in the room.

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Don’t get us wrong, getting a little romantic action with your significant other in cinemas is fine. But snogging and fondling with them for the entire movie’s run time? Seriously??? Get a room, guys!

Still, if you really can’t help it, at least be decent about it and set some rules so as not to make other moviegoers uncomfortable.

4. The Football Star

You’re immersed in all the craziness that happens in the Joker movie and as you are listening intently on every line Joaquin Phoenix delivers flawlessly, you suddenly feel a kick in the back of your chair. As if someone was trying to pull you back to reality. You ignore it and plunge back in. But the kick happens again, and again, and again, and again.

You look back and see the person behind you swaying his foot back and forth and hitting your seat like a soccer ball bouncing back over and over and, Goal!!!

Annoying Personality 4. The Football Star
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As nice as you can, you ask the person to stop. But he/she doesn’t care. You are forced to transfer to another seat and miss 10 crucial minutes of the film, another 20 minutes to re-immerse yourself to the movie.

Congratulations! Your movie experience is now ruined! On the bright side, the person behind you manages to become a “Football Star”!

3. The “Caster”

In ESports, casters play a very important role as the persons who provide live commentaries during a game much like traditional sports commentators. Watch the video to below to listen in on some of the best casters in DotA 2.

No offense to these guys, we love them when they cast games like that. But movies are a different story entirely. Just imagine watching Spider-Man: Far From Home with some random guy near you giving commentary on all the action that’s happening.

In cinemas, that’s just annoying!

Once, there was this one guy behind us when we were watching The Lion King 2019 movie. Knowing full well that this is a remake, this guy could not keep quiet and kept blabbing out loud about all the stuff happening and will happen in the movie. Can someone put a tape on this guy’s mouth already?

Talking inside the cinema is fine, but please, be courteous enough and keep your voices down, okay?

2. The “Cellphish” People

It’s hard to imagine a world without our phones and for some of us, spending an hour without them is pure torture.

Movies are not all fun and most have boring parts. Sometimes, the temptation of taking out your phones and scroll through your social media feeds or whatever becomes too much. When you do decide to take your phones out, please lower your screen’s brightness. Movie houses are dark so we can see the action on screen better. Please don’t compete with the movie screen’s brightness. You’ll lose for sure, but not before you annoy everyone else with your blinding phone screen display.

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We know, cellphones are allowed in cinemas, sure! But, please have enough decency to at least put them in Silent Mode. Look, we don’t care about your personal calls but if you really have to take a call, please take it outside the cinema. Pretty, please? Not only is this the polite thing to do but it will also keep hundreds of dagger looks coming your way. Don’t be “cellphish”!

1. The Litterbugs

Trash, trash, trash! The world is littered with trillions of them, maybe more. You can snack all you want inside the cinema, but please, when the movie is done, take your trash out with you and put them in their designated trash bins. It’s not that hard.

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Seriously, dudes! This is common sense! Sure, there are cleaners who would clean up in between screenings but do you really need somebody else to clean up for you? If your answer is yes, then you are one of these litterbugs, congratulations! You are number one on our most annoying personalities in cinemas list!

Come on, guys! The earth already has a garbage crisis. Let’s not add more to the problem. Mother Nature deserves to be respected.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, it all boils down to respect. Respect the movie and respect your fellow movie-goers.

What’s the most annoying thing you ever experienced in the cinemas? Tell us by commenting below or dropping us a message.

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