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Wakanda Forever

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the most anticipated follow-up to 2018’s smash hit Black Panther has finally arrived. But without its lead character, can the sequel still live up to its predecessor? Read on this review to find out.

A Fitting Goodbye

2018’s Black Panther is the best Marvel movie ever! Yep, I just said that. But with the tragic passing of its lead, Chadwick Boseman, in 2020, questions loomed over the continuity of the beloved character. What is going to happen to the Black Panther character in the MCU?

Wakanda Forever addresses all of this in perhaps the best way possible – there is no replacing Chadwick Boseman. He shall forever live on as King T’Challa. And returning Director Ryan Coogler honors him with a goodbye truly fit for a king.

Letitia Wright’s Shuri gives out the performance of her lifetime and perfectly portrays the anguished sister. That scene on the beach is as quiet as it is gut-wrenching. But it’s actually Angela Bassett who steals the show with an absolutely stunning performance as the Queen Mother Ramonda. Her piercing and emotional delivery embodies the perfect balance of grieving mother and compassionate ruler.

Introducing Talokan

Wakanda has opened up its doors to the world after the events of the first Black Panther movie. In Wakanda Forever, we get to explore the nation once more and then some. Introducing…Talokan, a nation of underwater dwelling people headed by its leader, Namor/K’uk’ulkan played astoundingly by Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta Mejia. The underwater world, however, doesn’t quite live up to the world-building treatment that Wakanda received in the first movie. Still, Talokan is a beauty. As gorgeous as Wakanda but also just as fearsome as its land-dwelling counterpart.

Best MCU Movie of 2022

2022 isn’t the best year for the MCU, at least in terms of movies. The Marvel TV series seemed to have done a lot better with Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk and even the animated series What If…?. The movies on the other hand, well… Doctor Strange 2 was OK but Thor 4 felt like a bad sitcom.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was the studios final hope. And thank the gods it delivered. Try as it might, though, it still doesn’t quite live up to the masterpiece that is the first Black Panther movie. Regardless, Wakanda Forever handily beats out the other movie entries of 2022 by a huge margin. The direction, the emotions, the world-building is just on a different level.

Skip or Watch?

While it’s not quite up there with its predecessor, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is easily the best MCU movie of 2022. The gravity of emotions and the powerful performances of the cast sans Chadwick Boseman lifts the film up from what I can only call an underwhelming year for the beloved Marvel franchise. Expect all the elements of a MCU movie to be present but better.

Wakanda Forever is an absolute must-watch for the MCU fans and non-fans alike.


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