Stranger Things Season 4 Vol 1 Review: So Dark, So Good!

Stranger Things 4 Vol 1

Stranger Things is back! After a three-year wait, the gang in Hawkins are finally back for the fourth season of Stranger Things.

Should you skip it or watch it? Read on this review to find out.

The Long Wait is Over

Finally! After three long years, the wait is over. Stranger Things is back for its fourth and reportedly penultimate season. The last time we saw the gang in Hawkins, Indiana, they were basically kids. We know they will eventually outgrow their Stranger Things characters but it’s still a little nerve-wracking to see how much they have grown throughout the years. Not convinced yet? Check out the gallery below.

Yep, they have aged and so did we. Man, this pandemic really messed us up so much. In all seriousness though, we’re just glad that one of the most beloved shows in recent memory along with its cherished main cast are finally back.

So Dark

The first three seasons of Stranger Things were all great thrillers in their own right. But the fourth season? Well, let’s just say, Stranger Things Season 4 is scarier than possibly all three previous seasons combined, and it is absolutely a plus.

Much like how the kids of Hawkins have grown, so did the show. The storylines are still kind of derivative but the thrills and scares? Oh, my Lord! The series has now packed itself with some of the most gruesome on-screen deaths. The Duffer Brothers went off the rails on the scare factor with this season. Parents, you may want to ask your kids to look away for the death scenes. The show has really gone so dark it could really mess some of the kids up if they are not guided while watching.

So Good

In Stranger Things Season 4, I feel like the Duffer Brothers upped its scare game and finally chose the darker way. Perhaps, the best way. The first three seasons only seemed to kind of dabble towards the dark and we always kind of felt that the show could go way darker. The creators took a deeper dive into the black abyss with Season 4. Gorier, grislier, and bloodier than ever.

But guess what, it’s all good. Since its pilot, I have always expected for the show to be darker than it already is. And at the end of each season, I would always anticipate a darker and scarier next season. It kind of disappointed me every time. And I’m just so relieved that the fourth season, my wish was finally granted.

Skip or Watch?

Stranger Things Season 4 is exactly the Stranger Things that it’s supposed to be. Darker and Scarier. If, like me, you have also been yearning for the show to go in this direction, then you will surely appreciate this season. And while the storylines are still a little derivative, the scares and thrills are on another level entirely. In my opinion, this is the exactly the direction the show should take.


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This season will have 9 episodes in total for Volume 1 (May 27, 2022) and Volume 2 (July 1, 2022).

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