Roadhouse (2024) Review: Better Than The Original?


Roadhouse (2024) takes the helm as a reimagining of the beloved 1989 classic, offering a modern twist on the timeless tale of barroom brawls and redemption.

This modern update is directed by Doug Liman and features a talented cast including Jake Gyllenhaal and Daniela Melchior.

Roadhouse 2024 vs Roadhouse 1989

The movie delivers on its action-packed premise. Slick choreography and intense fight sequences will keep viewers engaged throughout. Former UFC champion Conor McGregor’s character makes for a wildly entertaining feature film debut. The performances, particularly from Gyllenhaal’s Dalton and Melchior’s Doc provides greater depth than the 1989 version.

However, while Roadhouse (2024) succeeds in capturing the essence of its predecessor, it also struggles to distinguish itself as a truly original work. Despite the efforts to inject new life into the story, some may find it lacking the same charm and charisma that made the original a cult favorite. Then again, no one can ever compete against Patrick Swayze’s swag.

Both films are equally cheesy yet campy and makes for a good weekend popcorn home viewing. However, the updated version outshines the older (by a tiny bit) with better dialogue and action sequences.


Fans of the genre may enjoy the updated take on the classic tale, while others may prefer to stick with the original. It’s worth a watch for those seeking a thrilling ride, but those looking for groundbreaking cinema may want to skip it.


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