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“Sherlock” creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat reunite to bring us this new take on the notorious blood-sucking creature, Dracula. If you have watched Sherlock which of course stars one of our favorite actors Benedict Cumberbatch, then Dracula should feel familiar to you (more or less). But if you haven’t, then it’s not too late to jump in.

Skip it or Watch it? Read our review to find out.

Superb Acting † Clever Script

This Dracula series has 3 90-minute-long episodes, pretty much like the Sherlock series, giving the viewers a feeling like watching a full-length feature film.

Danish actor Claes Bang delivers an endearing performance as the titular character, charming his way with his victims before going in for the inevitable kill. This performance, however, is equally matched by British actress Dolly Wells as she portrays Dracula’s arch-nemesis, Agatha Van Helsing. The unconventional nun who makes it her life’s mission to understand the ways of the beast and finding a permanent stop to his menace.

Gatiss and Moffat’s writing abilities are in full display with cleverly written script. That sermon/speech from Mother Superior during a scene in Episode 1 was filled with such intellect and realness. Count Dracula and Sister Agatha’s lines are incredibly witty and often alludes to modern-day human’s habits.

Horror † Humor

Much like its novel origins, Gatiss and Moffat’s Dracula carries about a lot of darkness and violence. There’s no shortage of that here. Episode 1 alone will prove how much of a menace the Count can unleash (so long as you invite him in) even on sacred soil.

The Dracula series is essentially a 3-part horror flick released in one outing. Fans of the horror/vampire genre are sure to appreciate this series.

But audiences will be glad to hear that the simplicity of the humor in the series will help cope with the tragedies that befell for some of the blood-sucking Count’s (mostly) innocent victims. I would say that Dracula (and of course, Claes Bang) is having the best time of his centuries-old life in this series.

That Episode 3

But no matter how clever the first two episodes of the series turned out, Episode 3, for me, seemed to be an outlier. That Episode 3 almost killed the series. Not because it’s bad, but mostly because the decisions the writers made appears to be unnecessary. The way I see it, is that the writers made the story too close to what they did with the Sherlock series. From there, lots of things didn’t quite sit well with me.

Still, there is always hope for redemption. Unless, the show does not return for a second season, then I guess we’ll have to settle for That Episode 3.

Skip or Watch?

BBC One and Netflix’ collaborate to give us this new take on Bram Stoker’s (in)famous vampire, Dracula. Season 1 is streaming on Netflix now.

The Dracula series starts out baring its fangs, but a debatable final episode almost sucks the life out of the show. Nevertheless, lead stars Claes Bang and Dolly Wells’ exceptional portrayal of Dracula and Van Helsing along with a cleverly-written script are more than enough reasons for me to recommend watching this show.


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