Night Teeth Review: Too Predictable

Night Teeth

Night Teeth flashes its way into Netflix on October 20th. The vampire thriller directed by Adam Randall promises to give a fresh take on the genre.

But the question is, should you skip it or watch it? Read on this review to find out.

Admirable Cast

Night Teeth follows the story of a freelance chauffeur Benny portrayed by Dominican actor Jorge Lendeborg Jr (Spider-Man: Far From Home). Benny’s night takes a darker turn when he finds out that his passengers Blaire (Debby Ryan) and Zoe (Lucy Fry) are actual centuries-old vampires.

Rounding up the cast are Army of the Dead star Raúl Castillo, Game of Thrones star Alfie Allen along with Transformers star Megan Fox together with Bad Boys For Life star Alexander Ludwig.


As expected, the cast do an admirable job. But the same cannot be said to the screen action or lack thereof. The action is basically non-existent with most of the stuff happening behind the camera. I, for one, expected this to be a lot bloodier. It is a vampire movie after all. But no, the audiences only ever see the aftermath. That is some stylish direction, though, so points for creativity. But it still makes the film feel cheap. Lack of budget, perhaps? Maybe yes, maybe not. But add to that the boring script and the movie becomes quite a mess.

Night Teeth does start out with an interesting premise though and actually kind of lives up to its promise of giving the vampire genre a fresh take but only up to a certain point. And it’s just not quite good enough.


There’s always a great degree of annoyance when you basically know or at least have an idea of how a movie is going to end midway through watching it. That annoyance leads to frustration when you actually end up right. Night Teeth is one of those movies. It won’t even be halfway through the film when you start realizing how the movie ends. The movie is so predictable you could only wish you were wrong. Unfortunately, you’re not. The plot is just so obvious it makes no sense to continue watching it except maybe for the hope that it does end another way.

Perhaps, I’ve just watched too many movies. I know I have. But for a movie to be this predictable is still quite a letdown.

Skip or Watch?

Night Teeth dishes out some interesting new ideas in the vampire genre. But the predictability of its narrative and the absence of actual action will leave audiences feeling a little lethargic towards the end.

It is watchable, sure. But there’s really nothing worth noting in this film.

The vampire genre is in need of a refresh. Sadly, Night Teeth cannot do just that.

That said, skip this one!


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