Netflix’ ”The Lovebirds” Movie Review

The Lovebirds

Hollywood darlings Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani teams up in this action rom-com, The Lovebirds. The film, which was originally intended for theater release in Apr 2020, finally gets released albeit on streaming platform Netflix this May 22, 2020.

Should you skip it or watch it? Read on this review to find out.

Netflix Saves “The Lovebirds”

Paramount Pictures originally scheduled The Lovebirds for a theatrical release on April 2020. But with the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down all the theaters, the studio sold the rights to the film to Netflix which subsequently released the film digitally in its streaming platform.

I didn’t think there would be new films to be released in a long time with all cinemas being forced to temporarily shut down. But thank God for Netflix at least we still get to see some completely new movies such as this even if it’s only in much smaller screens but hey, who’s complaining.

Chemistry is Crucial

Actors Issa Rae (Little) and Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick) stars in the film and wow, they gave their absolute best in here. I particularly loved their chemistry. Rae’s Leilani and Nanjiani’s Jibran looked incredibly perfect together both as on-screen couple and comedians. Nanjiani’s humor is equally complimented with Rae’s wit and lovely personality.

Both actors appear to be comfortable with each other and it clearly shows in their performance. They just seem like they have been doing this stuff for a long time.

This just goes to show how great chemistry can be crucial to a film. The Lovebirds could have been way worse if not for Rae and Nanjiani. They basically carried this movie from bad to decent territory. That’s just how good they were on the film.

A Much-Needed Comic Relief?

The Lovebirds sure has its moments but I’ll be honest, some parts were not that funny. I even find it boring at times. But, when its punch lines hit the mark, it becomes an enjoyable movie that would make you laugh out loud – something that most if not all of us need right now.

There are better comedies out there especially in Netflix’ huge arsenal but not a lot of new ones which is why The Lovebirds may just be the comic relief that some of us have longed for. You’ll get some laughs here and there although I could not say I laughed hard enough as I wanted or expected to. But hey, what’s important here is I was entertained and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.

Skip or Watch?

The performances of both leads Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani are beyond reproach and The Lovebirds is entertaining, overall. No, there’s nothing extraordinary about the movie’s plot/themes or anything and the punch lines can be a hit or a miss for some but if you are looking for a decent piece of new comedy then The Lovebirds is a “Watch”.


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