ExtrACTION Movie Review: Emphasis on the ACTION!


Top-billed by Thor star Chris Hemsworth, Netflix has just released its latest action flick, Extraction. The movie is available on the streaming giant since Apr 24, 2020.

Should you watch it or skip it? Read on this review to find out.

A Mini-Marvel Reunion

Extraction is Director Sam Hargrave’s debut film after having previously worked as stunt coordinator for Avengers: Endgame directors Anthony and Joe Russo (aka the Russo brothers), who by the way, are also the producers of this film and stunt double for Chris Evans’ Captain America. Add in another Marvel alum to the mix in the person of Chris Hemsworth and this movie is essentially a reunion.

Yup, these guys have worked with and are very acquainted with each other and that familiarity shows greatly in this movie as evidenced by Hemsworth looking like he is absolutely comfortable and having fun – so to speak – with his role.

Gorgeous Fight Scenes

I actually expected this movie to be a really good action film knowing that a former stuntman is sitting in the director’s chair. Such was the case with Hobbs and Shaw and Deadpool 2 director David Leitch when he transitioned from stuntman to Director.

Suffice to say my prediction wasn’t wrong. The fight scenes are, for lack of a better word, gorgeous. The action is incredibly well-choreographed it almost feels like you are in a game of Call of Duty or the like. The transitions are so good only a seasoned stuntman could put together such a spectacle. There is a sequence where there is an incredibly lengthy time where it looked like it was shot in one continuous take, around a good 15 minutes or so of non-stop action. That sequence was pure rush!

Extraction is really a must-see for action lovers alike.

More than Just Action?

“Biggest drug lord in India versus biggest drug lord in Bangladesh.” This line from the trailer and the movie sure tells us that this is certainly an action movie and as mentioned, the action is undoubtedly its strongest suit. But it also tries to be something more.

Extraction did its best in trying to give this movie a “heart” with Chris Hemsworth’s character Tyler Rake bonding with his child co-star and mission Rudhraksh Jaiswal’s Ovi Mahajan Jr., the kidnapped son of the Indian drug lord in the film.

But, I felt like it doesn’t quite hit the heart that much. See, I just find it questionable for one man to be fighting to save one child while simultaneously killing everyone else. Well, that’s just me. But I do give the film credit for its attempt to be better than just an action movie. Like I said, “tried”.

Skip or Watch?

If you are a fan of the action genre, this one is definitely for you. But if you’re not, Chris Hemsworth’s charm and charisma should be enough to convince you.

Seriously though, Extraction is a gorgeously choreographed action flick that tries to be something more. And although it doesn’t quite hit the mark as to being something more, it is one hell of an action movie that will get your adrenaline juices pumping for pretty much the entire duration of the film.

So yeah, definitely watch.


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