Netflix’ Into the Night Series Review: A Unique Sci-Fi Thriller

Netflix’ very first Belgian original series, Into the Night, is live on the streaming giant now. Should you skip it or watch it? Read on this review to find out.

What is it About?

Inspired by the digital novel, The Old Axolotl, by Polish science fiction author Jacek Dukaj, Into the Night is an apocalyptic sci-fi thriller that follows a group of people hi-jacked while on board a red-eye flight from Brussels, Belgium to Moscow, Russia.

Sounds dull? Well, here’s the catch. What appears to be a simple terrorist attack turns into an exhilarating race-against-time classic as the hi-jacker reveals that a deadly phenomenon involving the sun is killing everyone on the planet leaving them with no choice but to go, you guessed it, “Into the Night”.

The series is created by prolific producer Jason George and headlined by actors Pauline Etienne (Sylvie), Laurent Capelluto (Mathieu), Stéfano Cassetti (Terenzio), and Mehmet Kurtulus (Ayaz). Well, they’re not exactly Hollywood royalties, but they’re just as brilliant actors nonetheless. And you’ll be very impressed how good they acted on this, really.

A Unique Sci-Fi Thriller

I thought at first, “Another end-of-days series, huh?” and then I watched the first episode and just like that, I was hooked. Perhaps you can blame it on my somewhat obsessive-compulsive nature to want to finish what I started but Into the Night really does a great job of putting you on the edge of your seats. It just keeps on dropping bombs every darn episode and one just can’t help but want more.

“Like what now?” “Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!” Those are just some of the thoughts (reactions, really) that popped into my head while watching the show. And I mean those as a compliment, truly.

I’ve been feeling a little bored lately with this stay-at-home situation – which is totally understandable, by the way.  But this series somehow managed to get me out of there without much persuasion needed.


I have to say, though, I wasn’t all convinced with all the science stuff in this series. Still, science is just one third of the genre that the show is in. It’s a science-fiction thriller, after all. And for me, the show leans more toward the fiction side. There’s just not enough of science in the show to convince me, otherwise. Or maybe I just didn’t understand the science enough? Now, that’s probably more likely. J

But whether the science in the show is real or not, I sure got the anxiety and excitement (the thriller aspect) that the show delivers. Who cares about the science, anyway? As long as the show made me feel good, that’s enough reason for me to watch it.

And, in case it’s not clear yet, let me just say it out loud, I WANT MORE. The six-episode first season is without a doubt great, but it is just not enough. I basically finished watching it all in one go. So, Season 2 better be on the works already.

Skip or Watch?

There are a whole lot of great Non-English language shows on Netflix and Into the Night is definitely one of them. It starts quite strongly and does an effective job on getting its viewers hooked by slowly assembling the pieces of this Lego puzzle. And just when you can paint a clear picture in your head of what’s really going on, you find out there’s so much more moving parts in play. And what you just lumped together is essentially a giant piece of an even bigger puzzle.

With all that said, Into the Night should be on your watch list.


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